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  • Laurel Creek Bike Ride   12 years 32 weeks ago


    You put the ice cream ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, whatever flavours you want) into a small coffee can. Tape it closed tightly. Put that inside of a large coffee can, and pack it full of ice and rock salt. Tape that up very tightly too.

    Then shake it, or kick it around for a while until it's no longer liquid in the middle..probably about 15-20 minutes.

    Just make sure you tape up both cans very tightly so it doesn't get buggered up.

    Works very nicely with freshly picked Ontario strawberries.


  • Laurel Creek Bike Ride   12 years 32 weeks ago

    That ice cream sure is neat. Did you put ice in there too? How do you make it frozen without freezer? I like ice cream but cannot eat much of it because I am lactose not tolerant. Ice cream and other milk things really bugger up my intestines.

  • Canada Day Weekend in Ottawa   12 years 33 weeks ago

    She's 9 months old, my mistake. She does look a bit like her father too, eh? Bugger...

  • Canada Day Weekend in Ottawa   12 years 33 weeks ago

    Surely your niece is older than 6 months! Either that or she is deformed (petuitary issues, perhaps?).

    Her father appears quite frumpy. For her sake, I hope she does not take after him.

  • Toronto Critical Mass Ride, June 2005   12 years 33 weeks ago

    Patrick and Kathy,

    It was great to meet you. And thanks for introducing Jen and I to Sneaky Dee's. :)


  • High Park Picnic Dinner   12 years 33 weeks ago

    I think we ate sandwiches made of french bread, with red pepper dip, cucumber, cheese, avacado... We also had some Doritos (the closest thing I have to a crappy fast food addiction).

    There were a few mosquitos, but not too many bugs in general. There may have been some ants, but I don't really remember so they couldn't have been too much of a problem!


  • Weekend Ride to Hamilton   12 years 33 weeks ago

    Hey Tanya,

    Nice to meet you at CM. Maybe we'll get a chance to talk some more next time. Thanks for taking the time to drop by here and be the first to leave a comment. :)

    I haven't been on the Hamilton-Brantford rail trail yet, but that's on my list of places to go. Sometimes I wish they made better use of rail lines by keeping/expanding passenger and freight traffic, but the recreational trails are definitely nice too. Much better than when they rip out rail lines to build another highway or "parkway".

    If you're having recumbent lust, drop by Urbane Cyclist on John St. They're really good about offering test rides for the various models they have. Heck, you might be tall enough to fit mine well enough.


  • High Park Picnic Dinner   12 years 34 weeks ago

    What did you eat besides the strawberries? I'm not knocking strawberries. I just think that there's more that you could eat at a picnic. By the way, were there ants? I hate it when the buggers gang up and take away all the food. Damn buggers.

  • Toronto Critical Mass Ride, June 2005   12 years 34 weeks ago

    Hey Vic
    great site, great pics!

    Kathy & I enjoyed supper with you at Sneaky Dees - lets get together again.


  • Weekend Ride to Hamilton   12 years 35 weeks ago

    I've ridden to Hamilton twice, once trying to follow the Waterfront trail exactly (with its strange quirky turns), and the other time pretty much following hwy 2 direct from Mississauga onwards. The second time I rode on further to Brantford, taking the 32 km rail trail between Hamilton and Brantford - aren't the rail trails a nice scenic diversion? There is another rail trail running from Brantford to Cambridge making the total distance pretty far you can get on the rail trails.

    Anyway looks like your weekend ride was lots of fun. Hopefully I'll get to say hi to you at CM. I had totally forgotten it was tomorrow until you mentioned it, so thanks! PS nice bike! I am in recumbent lust mode after getting a lot of hand problems while riding last summer.