More Railpath flowers and graffiti

More Railpath flowers and graffiti

Similar to yesterday's photo, some wildflowers and graffiti on the Railpath. Taken on 2010-06-06.


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Is shame that kids make graffitis. Is not nice for place. Police shoud put gangs in behind jail bars. But first to make clean off destructions!

Is shame city not clean up weeds too.

Mechislav K.

Railpath weeds

These aren't weeds, but wildflowers. The vegetation along the Railpath is, for the most part, what lives naturally along that rail corridor. Before the park was constructed, seeds were harvested so that they could be re-planted.

From :

"What about the existing mature trees, butterfly and bird habitat?

The abandoned rail lines which run diagonally across the western part of Toronto are an incredible sanctuary for bird life, animal life, native tree and grass species, butterfly and insect life. Before construction began, community members and landscape carried out a flora and fauna inventory in order to protect the incredible array of wildlife which exists on the site. Many of the seeds were replanted during construction of Phase 1."

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