Caltrain: Sunnyvale

Caltrain: Sunnyvale

October 14, 2010. Crossing the Caltrain tracks at S Mary Ave and W Evelyn Ave in Sunnyvale, California. While walking from my hotel to the office, my timing was always good and I was able to watch the trains come roaring through here in each direction. A couple of days later, I took the Caltrain from Sunnyvale to San Francisco.


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Caltrain, woo-woo! chugga chugga chugga chugga

Caltrain has nice bicycle cars, but I had my bike stolen from them once while commuting to Sunnyvale. It was in Palo Alto, so I blame some no-good Stanford student. Presumably the proceeds from selling my bike went to fund a start-up.

Damn thieves

Hey Jason,

Great story and funny ending about the startup. :) But sad to hear about your stolen bike.

I didn't get a chance to use the Caltrain bike cars, and didn't touch a bike the whole time I was in California, but I managed to pop into one of the bike cars when I got off the train in SF. Judging by the number of cyclists getting off the train and around the station, it was very well-used.

Lithuania question

Vic, I cannot get the email address to work that is on the bottom:

I saw your website with the beautiful photos - they are beautiful. The reason I am writing is that I am the Editor of the Polish Eaglet, journal of the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan,, and writing a story on the Gedris family that settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I will copy the first few paragraphs of the story below. I am trying to determine the ancestral village of the Gedris. The man that gave me some written material has Alzheimers Disease and cannot remember the village. I was wondering if you can aid me?

Roger Laske
Clinton twp, MI

The Ideal Furniture Company and the Gedris Family of Grand Rapids, Michigan
By William, Jr. and Harleae Gedris
As I shake the family tree, I find there has been much about my ancestors that I did not know until I traced it back for this story. In the year 1854, George Gedris was born in a small border town , ______________, in Lithuania. His mother had lived across the border in Germany all her life until she had entered a crafts school to learn sewing. Here she met a young man from the neighboring country of Lithuania who had come to study furniture craft and to lean the German language.
Young George grew up in a home where great stress was laid on the ability to read, write, and speak more than one language. His mother, ________, spoke French besides her native German and she, in time, grew to speak Lithuanian like a native. George’s father, _____________, spoke Lithuanian and Russian and his wife taught him to speak German more fluently.
By the time young George was young man, the local government officials had begun to urge him to join the postal and customs service. He took a position in one of the customs houses on the border between Germany and Lithuania. When he left this service to come to America, he was speaking, reading, and writing seven languages.
About the time he left this service, he married Mary Souker and they planned from the moment they were married toward the day when they would come to America. It was certain that they wanted their children to grow up in a free country where they would not be bound to military service. Finally, they decided the time to start had come.

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