San Francisco: Victoria Theatre (16th Street Theatre)

San Francisco: Victoria Theatre (16th Street Theatre)

October 16, 2010. Another old theatre in the Mission District of San Francisco, at the corner of 16th Street and Capp Street. In fact, it's the oldest one still in business, dating back to 1908.

The Victoria Theatre was known for a short period of time as the 16th Street Theatre, and this is still evident in the partially obscured mosaic in the ticket lobby. This place has seen it all over its 100+ years: Vaudeville, burlesque, plays, films, Spanish films, porn, punk rock... Nowadays, it seems to mostly host local events, film festivals, locally-produced plays, musicals, etc.

It's interesting to note that this place still uses the correct "theatre" spelling. :-)

History, photos, and much more about the Victoria Theatre can be found at the Victoria Theatre website, Cinema Treasures, and Wikipedia.


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