Lansdowne TTC, Nitta Gelatin, and the CN Tower

Lansdowne TTC, Nitta Gelatin, and the CN Tower

February 10, 2011. Out for a walk on a sunny Thursday afternoon. This is the view from Lansdowne Ave. over the barren former TTC streetcar yard on Lansdowne Ave., across to the Nitta Gelatin factory. There's also a CN Tower in there if you look closely.


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superimposed tower

i was watching the massive truck crawling up Lansdowne on wednesday night, carrying the tower wrapped in bubble pack, then i hung around all night while they erected it in the middle of the field.
[don't think most people have even noticed that it has moved yet!]

Planet of the Apes

There's a bit of a Planet of the Apes feeling to it.

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