San Francisco: Chinatown Umbrellas

San Francisco: Chinatown Umbrellas

October 17, 2010, at the corner of Pacific Ave. and Stockton St., in Chinatown, San Francisco.

After visiting the Cable Car museum, I was treated to some west coast rain while wandering around Chinatown looking for lunch. (If you step away from the touristy Chinatown strip, you can find some delicious and cheap eats. I stuffed myself with a $4 plate of noodles, while seated at a big table with friendly locals.) Smartly, many of the locals carry umbrellas for exactly these rainy moments. I had a rain jacket and hat, so I managed to do OK too.

It's also worth noting, though probably not interesting at all for 99.9999% of people, that I had trouble finding this exact location on Google Streetview, as the name/signage on the Wing Sun Market has completely changed.

Note: Yeah, my "daily" photo posts have been on the rocks for the last couple of months. I still want to post more of my San Francisco pics from last October, and keep up with some more current things. But sometimes other commitments, of the small/crying/pooping variety, tend to change my focus.


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Those other commitments

Treasure those commitments of the "small/crying/pooping variety", because they'll be over sooner than you think. I just spent a few days with a couple who have a one year-old and I got a big kick out of it. Your photos are great, but they can wait for the time when your baby becomes a teenager who wants nothing to do with you!

Thanks Michael

Yeah, I do treasure those moments. There's alot more to it than just crying and pooping, and it's mostly very fun.

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