Try your war on graffiti?

Try your war on graffiti?

April 8, 2011. A new tag on the stairway up to the Bloor GO station. Kismet says, "Try your war on graffiti?". This is likely in response to all of the graffiti cleanup (and goofy mayoral photo-ops) happening all over the city, including right here. I'm sure it'll be an interesting cat-and-mouse game for a while.

On that note: I'll be leading a "Jane's Walk" around our neighbourhood on Saturday May 7th. We will explore and discuss various forms of public art around the Junction Triangle neighbourhood, including murals, street art, ghost signs, etc. More info about this walk is on the Junction Triangle website.


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War on vandalism

You could take part in this righteous cause by reporting vandalism promptly. In my neighbourhood, some people have graffiti removal kits which are very effective. You could get a hold of one of these and remove some of the graffiti on your own. That'll teach those little punks! Once they get their kiddie scribbles removed a few times, they'll want to spend their allowance money on something more worthwhile than paint.

Someone should change the name of the initiative from "war on graffiti" to "war on little losers".

Word to the mother.

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