Kugelis (or, Tastiest Dinner in a Loooong Time)

Kugelis (or, Tastiest Dinner in a Loooong Time)

April 17, 2011. It's probably been eight to ten years since I last made kugelis, one of my favourite Lithuanian dishes. My previous attempts were not too successful, so that's probably why I haven't made it for so long. But today's kugelis was awesome, I must admit. And how can you really go wrong with potatoes, onions, bacon, and sour cream? Such an amazing comfort food, especially on a snowy/rainy "Spring" day. I also picked up some Švyturys Ekstra, the only Lithuanian beer available in Ontario, to wash it down.

Yes, I even baked a vegetarian version without bacon for Jen, and instead of the bacon and onion topping, I made a mushroom and onion topping for hers.

The whole house smells like bacon, potatoes, and onions now. Awesome. Already looking forward to breakfast and lunch. ;-)


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Not comfort food

You should be aware that pork fat is better for you than many other animal fats, including beef fat. For this reason, kugelis is "comfort food" mostly to the extent that you can take "comfort" from it being, in actuality, health food.

By the way, why did you skimp on the sour cream? It's a good source of calcium (i.e., also health food).

Sour cream

I left part of the kugelis uncovered for photographic purposes, so that you could see the embedded bacon and the rest of the texture.

Morning update: It was delicious for breakfast too, of course.

Afternoon update

...and my lunch was delicious too.

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