Nevermind the 7-11, we have 8-11!

Nevermind the 7-11, we have 8-11!

June 17, 2011. I noticed this vacant store at Bloor St. and Sterling Rd. was looking a little different when I passed by on my way home from work tonight.

The old sign for the short-lived "C-Store" had been removed, revealing a mostly-intact old "8-11 Variety Store" sign. I guess this means that someone is fixing up the building for another purpose, again. Wonder what it'll be?

According to Wikipedia, the 7-11 names comes from the original stores' operating hours, "open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m." back in 1927. I wonder if the owners of this place slept in until 8?


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We already chatted with the new renters. The way they describe it it's sort of a coffee house with art and performance. It sounds like a little bit of everything. They seemed nice and they complimented the neighbourhood. We, in turn, welcomed them and wished them luck


Wow, that sounds pretty cool, William.

I hope the name stays

Now I kind of hope that the new business retains the 8-11 name and the sign. I really like it. :)

TO seems to lack good early

TO seems to lack good early morning coffee shops that open at it just me up at 7am looking for coffee?

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