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Spring Rhubarb

Spring Rhubarb

Spring has come early, and our rhubarb is already growing like crazy. I bet we'll be harvesting some by the end of April.

That's not Guinness...

That's not Guinness...

More random stuff in the kitchen. Yeah, that's definitely not Guinness. It's Mountain Dew.

Corks and Hot Chocolate

Corks and Hot Chocolate

Corks and hot chocolate. I guess this is what happens when I run out of interesting recent photos: I start taking pics of random things around the house.

Back from the dead

Vic and Jen in Trakai, LithuaniaVic and Jen in Trakai, Lithuania

Wow, it has been almost 2 years since I last updated my "blog" on March 6th, 2008. I have been pretty good at keeping my photo album updated with new pics though, so that sort of filled the gap.

It's not that I didn't have anything to write about. In fact, these last couple of years have been some of the busiest and most fun times of my life. Without getting into a long play-by-play of the last two years of my life, here's a selection of highlights, with links to related photos (of course):

I have made a bit of a promise (or is that a challenge?) to myself to keep this website updated much more frequently from now on. The main thing I want to do is maintain a photo blog in addition to the huge pile of photos in my complete album. My goal with the photo blog is to post a photo every day, along with the occasional bits of other "stuff" that I might find interesting. I hope you'll enjoy it too.

And please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts. The fact that so many people are commenting here about pigeon eggs is kind of amusing, but I'd like some variety too.


Smokers Have it Rough

No smoking within a 25 inch radius of entranceGeeze, smokers have it rough these days. This sign outside an entrance to the Square One shopping centre tells smokers that they have to be at least 25 inches away before they light up! The really crafty smokers can just hang their heads far enough out the door to beat this two-foot no-smoking zone.

My Balcony Garden

Balcony LettuceWhile Jen was in town recently, one of the first little excursions we planned was a trip to the local nursury to buy some plants for a balcony garden, and to decorate the apartment a little more. We rode our bikes down, with me towing my Bike Friday trailer and Jen towing my child trailer.

We didn't really have a good idea of what to buy, so we spent quite alot of time browsing around. We ended up getting a nice selection of veggies and flowers though! Plus, all the pots, containers, and soil to put it all together. Here are some photos of our ride to the nursury.

We spent some time the following evening preparing the pots and planters, and planting everything. It was pretty exciting, since the balcony is rather dull without a bit of life out there. Yes, I took photos...

Finally, here are some more recent pictures of the balcony garden. Check out the flowers, spinach, lettuce, chives, cilantro, dill, carrots, and of course the sunflower (it hasn't bloomed yet!). Unfortunately, my balcony doesn't get very much sunlight, so I probably won't get the biggest and best veggies around, but it's better than nothing.

over here.

Subway Party

Subway PartyThis morning I read on the Spacing website that there was going to be a Subway Party starting at 11:22pm at the Downsview TTC Station. I convinced Jen to go, and we headed out there in the evening. For two bucks each, this was a pretty fun way to spend the night out in Toronto. Click here for pictures and more.

My New Homepage

Vic at Dundas SquareI decided that my old web page was getting crufty and rarely updated, so I decided to switch to a content management system called "Drupal" to spruce it up and make updates more manageable. It's still a bit plain and lacking much customization, but I'll get around to doing that over time.
For now, feel free to check out the photo galleries and other stuff on this site. Let me know if you encounter any problems!

Here are some pictures from a bike ride last weekend: All over Toronto


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